5 Cruicial Things To Do When Self-Publishing ( Indie Authors)

Anyway that's not what am here to talk about today , rather am here to share my experience and lessons I learnt, in other to help any indie author out there who's about to trail the same path. I want you to know that I recognise the courage and the effort you put into writing ,so congratulations. But my dear completing a manuscript and publishing a book is not the end of your writing journey , rather it's actually the beginning. here is why.

Ever wonder why some books do so well in the market and sometimes the book aren't so great nor interesting meanwhile your hard worked great book parked full with exciting stories or helpful information isn't getting such luck, well the answer lies in the following .


In other to make success with self publishing your book regardless of the genre , you have to consider these FIVE key things. in no particular order.


1. MARKET YOUR BOOK - yes marketing your book holds the key to a successful outcome of your hard work, and the reason is simple, if no one knows about it , then no one will buy it , no matter how great the book is. you should invest in pre-launch marketing service for you book, make sure to plan that into your book program even before you start writing the book in the first place , once you decide to write a book, marketing should be seriously consider , if you want your hard work to pay off.


Here is advice- they are many book promoters and marketers all over the internet , find them ,do your research on their previous book launch to make sure you're getting a good service. then find twitter book bloggers to also help get the word out, join Facebook author groups both indie and profile authors, use your social media account to let your friends and followers know about it. all this social media buzz will be around the time you're weeks away from getting published so you can build enough buzz to attract the attention your book deserves. even when you finally publish your book, don't stop marketing it, rather continue to promote your book using different platforms, e.g. Facebook groups, twitter book groups, book bloggers and you own social media profile, that way you will keep the information available and visible long enough to attract some hopefully good reward for your effort and hard work.

Marketing is key to making profit from writing . people need to know about your book in other  to buy it. another thing to consider is ,


2. PROFFESSIONAL EDITING SERVICE - yes , us indie author we always think our book is the greatest book or story ever to hit the market , and as such we don't need much help because we're convinced our work will speak for itself, and people will love our book , but the reality is, when you're writing a book regardless of the genre, we often pour our heart and emotion into it , which is fine, we want readers to feel connected to our work , but that often get the story line to wonder off a bit from time to time, which if not checked and corrected can leave the readers confused about the massage we're trying to send, and that does not  sells the book. rather it is the flawless grammar, continuity and flow of events in our book is what makes the book loved and appreciated by readers which in turn gets us the result we're hoping, ''a best selling book, ( huge sales).


But of course, this is not going to happen if the first few readers download your book and find errors in grammar, plot and flow of the character, so make sure to find a professional editing service to polish your manuscript, and get your friends or someone you know to read and review your book and idea to you before you hit that PUBLISH NOW  button. that way you know you're putting a professionally written book out, plus your marketing effort, your book stand a chance for success in the this digital age where over one thousand books are published everyday, yea it's a minefield , so do your best to come out on top , if you want success.


3. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU START WRITING - yes they say anytime is a good time to do something but when it comes to writing and publishing a book ,a different rules applies. as an indie author myself , I fell victim to this because I published my first book in not so great time, for publishing any book at all, especially for the genre and my status as an author, ( am not a celebrity so my book will need the grace of God to sell, given the time and my inexperience) so that's why am writing to inform you about this pitfall, unless you're a celebrity or an established author ,please pick the best time to publish your chosen book genre, and also the best selling book genre, yes you should do some research to find out how that book genre is doing in the market before you start writing, because all these factors play a role in making your book a success .

As an indie author no one knows you beside your family and friends, and as such many publishing houses won't even consider you or your work , so you have to make sure you put your best foot forward in other to achieve success in self publishing.


Research the genre that's doing well in the market at the time, pick one out of the first three best selling book genres, then research the best time to publish that genre before you start , that way you can plan everything from the start with success in mind rather than putting your hard work out there without proper planning and then hope for the best that'll never come. I can tell you that from experience.


I hope I have managed to help you with useful information on self publishing success for indie authors, please join me again next week ,where I will discuss the last two of the -5 THINGS TO DO WHEN SELF PUBLISHING FOR INDIE AUTHORS.


Thanks for reading. please share you experience in the comment section to help other indie author find answers to their questions. have a wonderful day .


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