Self-Help for Marriage/Relationship and Self Improvement

Marriage is an awesome place of commitment, growth, and everything else in between. There’s plenty of upside to it but it also comes with some myths and misconceptions.  There can be a tremendous amount of pressure, and false obligations that surround our perception of marriage, coming from our spouse, family and society. Being able to identify marriage misunderstandings can help couples avoid a lot of pain down the road.
The author pours a wealth of concise insightful knowledge and bright fresh ideas into her book.
“The book is written for couples married for a short time, couples married for many years, couples in second or third marriages, as well as newlyweds''. 
“When a marriage is filled with love and gratifying enjoyable experiences, life becomes an exciting adventure '' says the Author. This book will help couples with tips on how to build and maintain a happier lasting  marriage, an enduring love, and an unforgettable life.”

Another existing thing about this book is that also detailed relatable , helpful tips on how to challenge yourself this new year in other to achieve personal and career success . the book serves as an ultimate self help guide for anyone seeking some guidance on their path to self discovery, positive living and personal goals and ambition. A Two-in-one Book , like no OTHER.

A must read for everyone this new year.

Visit the website for more information - 7misconceptionaboutmarriage.com

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