5 checklist for indie authors ( part two)

get a better result on sales. so lets dive into the topics of today .


like I mention that there are five crucial things to do when self-publishing, and I addressed three of those last week , so here is the last two crucial things to do, in no particular order .


4. Great Book Cover- yes we don't always consider this as crucial to book success as much as we should, but ask yourself this, have you ever been going through amazon or any other digital book platforms or even walking past your local book store and you suddenly stop, by that post or stop to  glance through a shop window because you noticed a book, and then walk into the shop to get more details on the book, or you clicked on the book page for more information, either way,  the ONE thing I want you to notice here, is that the book cover drew your attention regardless of the platform whether print or digital, so if your answer is yes,  I have done this many times in the past, then you should take advantage of this information and make sure your book has a great, attractive but also readable cover in other to get more attention from readers in this suffocating world of book publishing.


You need to ensure that your book cover conveys the massage in a propelling way, both in design and title. and you also need to recognise that as a self publisher, your chances for success depends heavily on your effort, so make sure to do your best including investing in a great cover design for your book. It doesn't also have to break your budget, by using the traditional graphic designers, as there are many freelance websites where you can order these services for cheap, so find them and order a decent cover design for your hard work. so as to attract readers attention anywhere, and in any platform.


Now to the final topic of this series.


5. Pick A Unique Name/Title - I will be sharing from my personal experience here, when I say choose your book title carefully, to avoid your book being buried in tons of similar titles, which will further limit your book exposure, and kill any any possible chance of readers ever finding your book let alone read it.


When I published my first book, I didn't research about title before choosing one, I couldn't find any article that explained the importance of this to indie authors,  so I didn't see the need to worry about it, but after publishing, I started getting massages from friends saying when they type my book tittle on whatever platform they're searching, they couldn't find my book easily, it took some up to 5 pages later to see my book which is time wasting and timing consuming. and come to think of it, in all honesty '' who will really sit down to search that far in other to find your book '' ( unless you're a high profile author) not even if you promised readers some discount, will they go that far.  and that's not good for you or your book.


Only a few family members or friend will take that time and effort to support you, and you're not writing and publishing a book so that a few friends and family member could read them'' are you?

I assume NO. you are publishing a book to share a story, or some expertise and then generate some  income in the process , so what ever will stand in the way of that, is what am trying to help you avoid by publishing this article. I know that almost every title is already in the market , but it will benefit you, if you can take the time to run a title check, on all the platforms you want to self publish ( note here, that print book title is not so important to be mindful about, because ten or more books with similar title can be in a book shop and still records good sales, because readers are seeing it physically and can pick it up, read the synopsis at the back and then buy the book, but when its online, book are displayed based on popularity of the book or the author's profile.) which you or I don't have a lot of, if you're reading this,  so make sure to pick a title that have not overwhelmed the market already.


like I suggested, you should run a title check on every platform, see which title have high numbers, and eliminate them, you can start by picking out your own book title, write down about three different titles that conveys the massage of your book, reason being that when you run a tittle check and find out that your preferred title has taken over the market, you can quickly switch to another one instead of feeling overwhelmed and disoriented . so here is what to do,

Pick three or more titles, run a check, see which title has more books in the market already, eliminate that title, and keep running your check until you find a title with less books already published, then you can pick that title group, and add your personality to your similar but chosen title, so as to help it stand out in the multitude of other books, which means your book, with your reformed personalised title stands a chance, to be featured on the first page of any digital book platforms, and that also means you have better chance for exposure and sales for your book, because very few people will scroll down to the next page, or the one after that to find a book. only less than ten percent of readers do, the remaining ninety percent only download or order books they find and like on the first page of any platform.


Hope you take something positive out of this article and hopefully help yourself to a successful self publishing journey.


Please leave a comment or share your insight to help others. thanks for  reading.



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