3 Crucial Book Marketing Tip For Indie-Author

Book launch PR is a great way to get people excited about your new book, it connects you to a far bigger audience than your average social media post by friends, family or colleagues could have done. PR will increase traffic back to your book website which will help bump up google search result for your site, as well as give potential readers more insight about the book and what they should expect. and in most cases if they like what they find on your website, many will even sign up to your newsletter ( they did on my book website, click Here ) which will help you gradually build a reader base to support your future books.


The key thing is to do your research in terms of the press release company to use. there are so many out there, it's important you pick one that has a high traffic stats, you can find their results by googling their customer reviews. there's no need to use a PR company whose distribution can only send 10-50 traffic to your website, your mom and dad can get that done for you without charge. so make all the inquiries you need before you sign on, so as to get the best result, because the goal is to help spread the news about your book , to get readers interested and hopefully buy your book when it's out.


Also you don't have to wait until the book is out to do a press release, you can do as many as you can afford. I recommend one pre-launch press release and one post launch PR , that way potential readers can get excited about the book with the pre-launch PR, and then again be informed of  the book release with post launch PR so they can buy. and if you can afford more than two go for it, because for us self-published authors , if we don't market our book, they won't sell, and our success depends on it.


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