Sonia's Portfolio

Beautiful and Intelligent , Sonia was born and  raised in Nigeria , where she was  educated and went on to  achieve a Diploma degree in Public Administration  from Olabisi  Onabanjo University ,Ogun State , Nigeria .

A Diploma in Fashion Designing and Garments Making  , from Foundation For Skills Developments , In Lagos State Nigeria .

As well as a Certificate for Sabre E-Ticketing  training from Landover Aviation Business School , Lagos State , Nigeria.


Upon graduation from fashion school in 2011 , Sonia started and managed her retail fashion outfits in Lagos State for 3yrs, before relocating to Australia in 2014 . After which she fulfilled her life long dream to launch her Clothing-line Sonia Nwajei, formally H.A.N.S Collection ( she re-branded it SONIA Nwajei , on the 1/9/2017 , citing personal reasons )


Sonia Nwajei is an Ecommerce outfit for Women's Clothing and Accessories designed by Sonia. check here for more on her clothing line.


Besides designing clothes, Sonia is also very passionate about writing. she has recently  published two books  titled- 

  1. Twenty-Six Steps  to a Better You -  A Self-help book that focuses on self-improvements, career objective and positive living.
  2. Seven Misconceptions About Marriage - A Self-help book that  aims to  help couples rebuild their relationship and strengthen their marriage.  This Two-In-One book is available now on Amazon, click Here to buy.


Sonia has also recently launched her blog, titled IMPLA WEEKLY. For positive living advice, check out her recent posts on



Sonia lives in Queensland Australia, with her husband, and she's set to continue writing as well as designing.


Her Hobbies- when she's not busy working, you'll find her listening to a good music, writing, cooking, decorating, relaxing on the beach, catching up with friends or learning new skills.


Her Philosophy - Laugh . Love. Believe and be grateful for what you have.


Her Favourite Quotes :

- Endeavour to do what you know is right, regardless of what the rules are.

- You don't need a thousand ideas to make a difference, you only need one smart idea.


More on Her Portfolio

Books written by Sonia

Freelance Web-designer

With a certificate for digital analytics and marketing from google , and three website design experience under her belt, Sonia regard myself as a freelance web-designer and this is a career option she's keen to explore , and she'll  continue to learn and enhance her skills .

 So if you like the design concept of this website, and also checkout - - and you're  looking to start an ecommerce store or just a personal portfolio , with limited IT expertise ,  then contact her with your details and she'll give you  a Quote .